Surprising Japan

著者:John Rucynski (Alice Gordenkerと共著)
第14回「世界青年の船」事業 参加青年
第19回「世界青年の船」事業 アドバイザー

Surprising Japan is a textbook for Japanese learners of English which is based on modified versions of journalist Alice Gordenkers columns for The Japan Times. Of course Japan is a unique country, but I was surprised in conversations with JPYs during my time on the SWY program that some of them could only give very general comments, such as “Japan is unique because we have the four seasons.” The interesting point about Gordenker’s columns is that they are based on actual questions by people from other countries who were surprised by things which they saw in Japan. These are often things which even Japanese themselves are unaware of, such as why some Japanese coins have holes, the uniqueness of Japanese manhole covers, and why Japanese parents rarely praise their children in public. This textbook will help JPYs get a deeper understanding of cultural differences through foreign perceptions of Japan. (John Rucynski)

ISBN 9784881986752 NDLC Y45