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IYEO National General Assembly

This assembly by ex-participants of international youth exchange program by Cabinet Office or local government is held to report the status of the implementation of post-program activities in local areas and to study the measures to enhance nationwide post-program activities more for making a contribution to promotion of international activities and various activities in local areas.
This is also aimed to introduce international activities to people.

Once a year / each local IYEO chapters host on rotation

IYEO Executive Meeting for Promoting Post-Program Activities

Meetings of board members and presidents from 47 prefectural branches are held twice a year regarding organizational operation.

Twice a year / Tokyo and local IYEO chapters who hosts the National General Assembly

District Assemblies

These assemblies by IYEO member are held in 8 districts in Japan as the opportunity to enhance each other by exchanging information of recent activities with foreign residents or people interested in international exchange.

Once a year / one branch in each district

Training Seminar for board members from 47 prefectural branches

We provide the seminar for board members of IYEO local chapters and representatives from IYEO members. Through this, we aim to establish the platform as national organization by development human resource and planning to enhance foundation for activity by IYEO local chapters.

Debriefing session of International Youth Exchange Program

This session is aimed to make a contribution for international understanding by introducing various experience on the program to people.
For implementation, participants of this fiscal year form committee and organize it elaborately.

    Japan-China Youth Friendship Program
    Japan-Korea Youth Friendship Program / February
    SSEAYP / February
    SWY / June
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