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Post-program activities across the country

IIYEO has local organization in 47 prefectures and develop kinds of activities that meet regional needs.

The membership is divided to 8 groups and builds partnership among themselves through regional assemblies or joint undertakings. With appreciating the originality of each regions, they develop the activities in their style.

Local Programs of International Youth Exchange Programs by the Cabinet Office

In the implementation of local programs of the Cabinet Office's International Youth Exchange Programs, the local IYEO members are encouraged to plan, coordinate and manage the activities (e.g. discussions, various institutional visits, interactions and homestays, etc.). They form executive committees to ensure that the participants would appreciate Japanese traditional cultures and way of life in an enjoyable fashion.

Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts

Here is the detail

Activities initiated by IYEO local chapters


Voice Forum (Iwate IYEO)

You can communicate with foreign people who live in Iwate and know things like the life in Japan.

Yellow Hat Project (Fune-to-Tsubasanokai Fukushima)

Building the relationship between Japan and Thailand through Yellow hat

Various Careers Seminar (Tokyo IYEO)

With knowing the real of various fields, you can see how ex-participants utilize their experience of the program

Ship for World Youth Program Cuitural Program in Naha (Okinawa IYEO)

With a request from Cabinet Office, Okinawa IYEO provide Cultural Program in collaboration with the local government

Here is the list of contacts of local IYEO chapters

Partnership with other organizations

IYEO strengthens its network by taking part in programs implemented by other organizations such as Global Festa Japan.